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“I have three young children who attend public school in my hometown of Bunker Hill. I’m working not only for them, but to ensure all children, regardless of where they live, receive a quality education.

Born and raised in Macoupin County, Andy Manar lives in Bunker Hill three blocks from the house where he grew up. He and his wife Trista have three children Abbie, Will and Ben, and they attend the same school Andy did as a child.

After graduating from SIU Edwardsville, Andy entered public service at the urging of his friend and mentor, the late Vince Demuzio. He served as a Bunker Hill city councilman, mayor, and eventually as Macoupin County Board chairman.

As county board chairman, Andy balanced the budget during challenging times without cutting services or raising taxes by reducing spending and cutting perks for politicians. Under Andy’s leadership the county increased transparency and lowered property taxes.

In the State Senate, Andy has led by example, refusing to take a pension and proposing no budget, no pay legislation to help bring an end to the budget impasse. While representing the 48th District, he’s been dubbed “one of the hardest-working men in Illinois politics.”

Last fall, his five-year commitment to reforming Illinois’ broken education funding system culminated in a bipartisan solution that brought over $8 million to schools in his district. Summing up Andy’s work, the education nonprofit Advance Illinois said, “He basically picked a fight no one else wanted to touch. The fact that he got it done in this political environment is nothing short of a miracle.”  

Andy is a member of numerous civic organizations, he coaches his son’s Little League team, the Bunker Hill Blue Jays, and he and his family attend First Congregational Church in Bunker Hill.

Andy is proud to have received the following recognitions and honors:

  • Bunker Hill High School Wall of Honor
  • IL Farm Bureau Friend of Agriculture Award
  • Common Cause IL Champion of Democracy Award
  • IL Campaign for Political Reform Dawn Clark Netsch Straight Talk Award
  • IL Hospital Association Rural Legislator of the Year
  • IL Association of Community Action Agencies Vince Demuzio Leadership Award