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“I have three young children who attend public school in my hometown of Bunker Hill. I’m working not only for them, but to ensure all children, regardless of where they live, receive a quality education.

Born and raised in Macoupin County, State Senator Andy Manar and his wife, Trista, reside three blocks from where he grew up in Bunker Hill with their three children: Abbie, Will and Ben. Having graduated from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Andy took the leap into public service at a young age at the encouraging of his friend and mentor, the late Vince Demuzio. Andy served as a Bunker Hill city councilman, mayor of Bunker Hill and eventually Macoupin County Board chairman, all before the age of 24.

As county board chairman, Andy’s leadership helped the county maintain a balanced budget during challenging economic times by reducing spending instead of raising taxes. Under his leadership, the county made major strides in transparency and lowered property taxes.

While serving his community at the local and state level, Andy has been guided by the principle of being part of the solution in government, not just showing up to complain. He has advocated for fiscal responsibility, bipartisan cooperation, increased communication between taxpayers and elected officials and made job creation one of his top priorities.

As the State Senator representing the 48th District, Andy has been dubbed “one of the hardest-working men in Illinois politics” who has proven “he can get things done.” Andy has been a strong voice for working families, putting forward solutions to address the shrinking middle class and the increasing gap between the rich and everyone else. He is the leading voice to overhaul our State’s outdated school funding system, ensuring every child has access to a quality education regardless of their zip code. And as the chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, Andy believes millionaires should pay their fair share instead of balancing the budget on the backs of middle-class families.

In addition to being a member of numerous civic and charitable organizations, Andy and his family attend the First Congregational Church in Bunker Hill.